UN Weather Agency Says 2023 Is the Hottest Year on Record, Warns of Further Climate Extremes Ahead

[ad_1] DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The U.N. weather agency said Thursday that 2023 is all but certain to be the hottest year on record, and warning of worrying trends that suggest increasing floods, wildfires, glacier melt, and heat waves in the future. The World Meteorological Organization also warned that the average temperature for … Read more

How Did Humans Get to the Brink of Crashing Climate? A Long Push for Progress and Energy to Fuel It

[ad_1] For hundreds of years, people have shaped the world around them for their benefit: They drained lakes to protect infrastructure, wealth and people. They dug up billions of tons of coal, and then oil and gas, to fuel empires and economies. The allure of exploiting nature and burning fossil fuels as a path to … Read more

Editorial Roundup: New England

[ad_1] Boston Globe. November 22, 2023. Editorial: Massachusetts has the latest primary date in the country. Here’s why that’s a problem. Massachusetts needs to end its incumbent-protecting tradition by switching to spring, rather than fall, intraparty contests. Political Cartoons No doubt in a manner that would make things more convenient for voters, an ingenuous farm … Read more

Maui Residents Wonder if Their Burned Town Can Be Made Safe. the Answer? No One Knows

[ad_1] When Daniel Skousen scrubs at the ash and soot covering his Maui home, he worries about the smell. Or will political and economic pressures to rebuild and restore Maui’s robust tourism industry — where visitors normally spend $14 million per day — lead officials to look at any testing results through rose-colored glasses? “It … Read more

Editorial Roundup: Tennessee

[ad_1] Johnson City Press. November 18, 2023. Editorial: Is it time to spare the rod in schools? A teacher and an assistant principal west of us in Jackson County were indicted on criminal charges last week after an incident in October when the teacher paddled an elementary school student. The Associated Press and other local … Read more

Dozens Evacuate and 10 Homes Are Destroyed by a Wildfire Burning Out of Control on the Edge of Perth

[ad_1] PERTH, Australia (AP) — Dozens of residents have been evacuated and at least 10 homes destroyed by a wildfire burning out of control on the northern fringe of the west coast city of Perth during heat wave spring conditions, authorities said Thursday. There were no deaths reported, but several firefighters had sustained minor injuries … Read more

Maui Wildfire Survivors Camp on the Beach to Push Mayor to Convert Vacation Rentals Into Housing

[ad_1] LAHAINA, Hawaii (AP) — A group of Lahaina wildfire survivors is vowing to camp on a popular resort beach until the mayor uses his emergency powers to shut down unpermitted vacation rentals and make the properties available for residents in desperate need of housing. Organizers with the group Lahaina Strong are focusing on 2,500 … Read more

Rain Helps Ease Wildfires in North Carolina, but Reprieve May Be Short

[ad_1] PINNACLE, N.C. (AP) — Heavy rain and lower temperatures helped slow down some wildfires in North Carolina on Tuesday, including blazes that had prompted evacuations of homes and campgrounds, forestry officials said. But the reprieve for crews will likely only last through the Thanksgiving weekend, since rain isn’t expected again for another 10 days, … Read more

Jeff Bezos’s Fund Has Now Given Almost $640 Million to Help Homeless Families

[ad_1] Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ fund to support homeless families announced $117 million in new grants on Tuesday to organizations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, which is a part of a $2 billion commitment Bezos made in 2018 to support homeless families and to run free preschools. That brings the amount granted by the … Read more

PG&E Bills Will Go up by More Than $32 Per Month Next Year in Part to Pay for Wildfire Protections

[ad_1] SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — About 16 million people in California will see their electric and gas bills go up by an average of more than $32 per month over next year in part so that one of the nation’s largest utility companies can bury more of its power line s to reduce the chances … Read more