Shadowy Hamas Leader in Gaza Is at Top of Israel’s Hit List After Last Month’s Deadly Attack

[ad_1] The mastermind of the Hamas attack on Israel that triggered the worst Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed in generations is a secretive figure, feared on both sides of the battle lines. In Gaza, no figure looms larger in determining the future trajectory of the war than Yehya Sinwar. Obsessive, disciplined and dictatorial, he is Hamas’ top leader … Read more

Utah Special Election for Congress Sees Republican Former House Staffer Face Democratic Legislator

[ad_1] Voters in Utah will choose between a Republican former congressional staffer and a Democratic state senator in a special election Tuesday to replace Republican U.S. Rep. Chris Stewart, who recently resigned. Republican Celeste Maloy, who is Stewart’s former chief counsel, and state Sen. Kathleen Riebe, who as minority whip is the No. 2 Democrat … Read more

A Montana Farmer With a Flattop and Ample Lobbyist Cash Stands Between GOP and Senate Control

[ad_1] BIGFORK, Mont. (AP) — After 17 years in the U.S. Senate, Democrat Jon Tester is a well-known commodity in Montana — a plain-spoken grain farmer with a flattop and a carefully cultivated reputation as a moderate. The 67-year-old lawmaker smiled and laughed his way through the crowd at a Veterans Day event in Bigfork, … Read more

How Much Will I Receive When I Retire From the Military? | Baby Boomers

[ad_1] If you served for several years or decades in the military, you’ll be eligible for retirement benefits when you step back into civilian life. These perks take on different forms and might include a pension, health coverage and disability benefits. The amount you receive will depend on the length of time you served and … Read more

Benefits You Qualify for After Retiring From the Military  | Retirement

[ad_1] As you look ahead or prepare to step away from military life, it can be helpful to know what to expect. The amount of financial support and assistance you receive will depend on several factors, including the number of years in service you’ve accumulated when you retire. Here’s what to know about military benefits … Read more