Chicago Homeless Migrants Shelter Faces Backlash

[ad_1] CHICAGO (Reuters) – Chicago is grappling with local backlash against moving homeless migrants into a new government-run tent encampment as temperatures drop and more migrants continue to arrive. Hundreds of migrants are still sleeping on floors or in tents outside city police stations. Some who remained this week huddled near tents wearing parkas, knit … Read more

US Threatening to Reimpose Venezuelan Sanctions if Commitments Not Kept

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. is sticking to its threat to “reconsider” steps taken in October to ease sanctions on OPEC member Venezuela if President Nicolas Maduro fails to comply with certain commitments by Thursday’s deadline, a State Department spokesperson said. The “snapback” of partially lifted U.S. sanctions would mark a major shift from … Read more

Brazil Increases Northern Border Military Presence Amid Venezuela-Guyana Spat -Ministry

[ad_1] BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil “has intensified defensive actions” along its northern border as it monitors a territorial dispute between its neighbors, Guyana and Venezuela, the country’s defense ministry said on Wednesday. “The Ministry of Defense has been monitoring the situation. Defensive actions have been intensified in the northern border region of the country, promoting … Read more

Venezuela Denies Entry to Flight of Deportees, Chilean Official Says

[ad_1] (Reuters) – Venezuelan authorities rejected a flight of Venezuelans expelled from Chile trying to enter the country, a top Chilean official said on Thursday. Chile had chartered a plane to return the Venezuelans to their country of origin, “but a single decision by the Venezuelan aeronautical authority ruined everything,” Chilean Deputy Interior Minister Manuel … Read more

Colombia’s Petro Says He Proposed U.S. Pay Bonuses to Venezuelan Migrants

[ad_1] CARACAS (Reuters) – Colombian President Gustavo Petro, visiting Venezuela on Saturday, said he had proposed to the United States that it pay an “economic stabilization” bonus to Venezuelan migrants who stop in Colombia en route to the U.S. “We must reach an agreement with the United States on migration,” Petro said alongside Venezuelan President … Read more