How I Save Money by Living Simply in Retirement | Retirement

[ad_1] Embracing a simple lifestyle in retirement can help you relax, appreciate what you have and save money over the long term. Janet Ruth Heller and her husband, Michael, both former college professors in Portage, Michigan, accomplish this by staying active but keeping a close eye on spending. “Both of us earn some income each … Read more

What Is the Outlook for Retirement in 2024? | Retirement

[ad_1] In 2024, factors such as inflation and two years of stagnation in the S&P 500 index, despite short-term rallies, have the potential to affect retirement. “We are in a new world of higher interest rates that we haven’t seen for 10-plus years since the Great Financial Crisis,” Jeff Rosengarten, a principal at Homrich Berg … Read more

What Is the $1K Per Month in Retirement Rule? | Retirement

[ad_1] As you look toward retirement, you’ll want to evaluate your options to create a steady income stream. This could come from Social Security benefits, retirement account distributions or a pension. Another popular income strategy involves using the $1,000 per month retirement rule. It means that for every $240,000 you have set aside, you can … Read more

How to Invest $100K for Retirement | Retirement

[ad_1] Retiring on $100,000 isn’t an easy task, but whether that amount can last you through retirement will largely depend on how you invest and when you retire. Consider these options to grow $100,000 for retirement: Invest in stocks and stock funds. Consider indexed annuities. Leverage T-bills, bonds and savings accounts. Take advantage of 401(k) … Read more

7 Things Retirees Should Be Thankful for This Year | Retirement

[ad_1] This year, retirees and other investors have some things they can add to their gratitude list. If you have money in the market, you’re retired or you’re saving for retirement, several positive developments, including a resilient market performance and changes to retirement withdrawal rules, may be affecting your wallet in a good way. Here’s … Read more

Work-From-Home Jobs for Retirees | Retirement

[ad_1] If you’re a retired senior citizen, you may be interested in earning some extra money with a part-time job – without leaving your home. And why not? Remote work is more popular than ever. And you may feel like, despite being retired, you have plenty of energy to work. Finding a part-time job that … Read more

How Much Will I Receive When I Retire From the Military? | Baby Boomers

[ad_1] If you served for several years or decades in the military, you’ll be eligible for retirement benefits when you step back into civilian life. These perks take on different forms and might include a pension, health coverage and disability benefits. The amount you receive will depend on the length of time you served and … Read more

Benefits You Qualify for After Retiring From the Military  | Retirement

[ad_1] As you look ahead or prepare to step away from military life, it can be helpful to know what to expect. The amount of financial support and assistance you receive will depend on several factors, including the number of years in service you’ve accumulated when you retire. Here’s what to know about military benefits … Read more