US Prosecutors Say Plots to Assassinate Sikh Leaders Were Part of a Campaign of Planned Killings

[ad_1] NEW YORK (AP) — A foiled plot to assassinate a prominent Sikh separatist leader in New York, just days after another activist’s killing, was meant to precede a string of other politically motivated murders in the United States and Canada, according to U.S. prosecutors. In electronic communications and audio and video calls secretly recorded … Read more

Casino Workers Seethe as Smoking Ban Bill Is Delayed Yet Again in New Jersey Legislature

[ad_1] TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A bill to end smoking in Atlantic City’s casinos that appeared headed for its first vote Thursday was delayed yet again when Democratic lawmakers said they did not have enough votes to advance it. They also said they would listen to alternatives proposed by the casino industry including enclosed smoking … Read more

Drivers Would Pay $15 to Enter Busiest Part of NYC Under Plan to Raise Funds for Mass Transit

[ad_1] NEW YORK (AP) — Most drivers would pay $15 to enter Manhattan’s central business district under a plan released by New York officials Thursday. The congestion pricing plan, which neighboring New Jersey has filed a lawsuit over, will be the first such program in the United States if it is approved by transportation officials … Read more

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Named Best Film of 2023 by New York Film Critics

[ad_1] It’s the third time that Scorsese has been given the best film award from his hometown’s critics, who named 1990’s “GoodFellas” their top movie, as well as 2019’s “The Irishman.” On Thursday, the group also awarded Lily Gladstone, who stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” best actress. “Oppenheimer,” Christopher Nolan’s … Read more

Ex of Man Charged With Shooting Palestinian Students Had Police Remove His Gun From Her Home in 2013

[ad_1] An ex-girlfriend of the man charged with shooting and wounding three college students of Palestinian descent in Vermont asked police 10 years ago to remove his gun from her home after she said the couple had split up and she did not feel safe returning it herself, according to police. The Syracuse, New York, … Read more

New York Punished 2,000 Prisoners Over False Positive Drug Tests, Report Finds

[ad_1] ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York’s prison system unfairly punished more than 2,000 prisoners after tests of suspected contraband substances falsely tested positive for drugs, according to a report released Thursday. In hundreds of cases, the prisoners had committed no offense, but the flawed results were used to put them in solitary confinement, halt … Read more

Trump Will Hold a Fundraiser Instead of Appearing at Next Week’s Republican Presidential Debate

[ad_1] Trump’s campaign has been advertising a chance to win tickets to the “end-of-year reception” in Hallandale Beach, Florida, near Miami on Dec. 6. The former president has chosen to skip his party’s three previous primary debates, citing his commanding lead in early state and national polls. But his decision not to schedule a public … Read more

GOP Rep. George Santos Warns His Expulsion From Congress Before Conviction Would Set a Precedent

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (AP) — A defiant Rep. George Santos warned on Thursday that his expulsion from Congress before being convicted in a court of law would establish a new precedent that “is going to be the undoing of a lot of members of this body.” The first-term Republican congressman from New York could well become … Read more

Total GivingTuesday Donations Were Flat This Year, but 10% Fewer People Participated in the Day

[ad_1] NEW YORK (AP) — Nonprofit organization GivingTuesday estimates that donors gave $3.1 billion this year on what has become one of the most important fundraising days of the year — the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Donations were up $20 million on Tuesday, a 0.6% increase over last year before adjusting for inflation, the nonprofit said. … Read more

Musk Uses Expletive to Tell Audience He Doesn’t Care About Advertisers That Fled X Over Hate Speech

[ad_1] NEW YORK (AP) — Billionaire Elon Musk said Wednesday that advertisers who have halted spending on his social media platform X in response to antisemitic and other hateful material are engaging in “blackmail” and, using a profanity, essentially told them to go away. “Don’t advertise,” Musk said. He appeared to specifically call out Walt … Read more