An Ailing Pope Francis Appears at a Weekly Audience but Says He’s Not Well and Has Aide Read Speech

[ad_1] VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis presided at his weekly audience with the public at the Vatican, but he said that he’s still unwell and asked an aide to read his remarks for him on Wednesday, a day after canceling an overseas trip. Francis, who will turn 87 on Dec. 17 and had part … Read more

Coal Power, Traffic, Waste Burning a Toxic Smog Cocktail in Indonesia’s Jakarta

[ad_1] JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Against the backdrop of smokestacks from a nearby coal power plant, the sky above Edy Suryana’s village stays grey for months at a time, while ashes and the stench of smoke hang in the air. Suryana has spent more than three decades living in the shadow of the power plant … Read more

China Says a Surge in Respiratory Illnesses Is Caused by Flu and Other Known Pathogens

[ad_1] BEIJING (AP) — A surge in respiratory illnesses across China that has drawn the attention of the World Health Organization is caused by the flu and other known pathogens and not by a novel virus, the country’s health ministry said Sunday. Recent clusters of respiratory infections are caused by an overlap of common viruses … Read more

WHO Asks China for More Information About Rise in Illnesses and Pneumonia Clusters

[ad_1] GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization says it has made an official request to China for information about a potentially worrying spike in respiratory illnesses and clusters of pneumonia in children. The U.N. health agency cited unspecified media reports and a global infectious disease monitoring service as reporting clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in … Read more

Dogs Are Coming Down With an Unusual Respiratory Illness in Several US States

[ad_1] Veterinary laboratories in several states are investigating an unusual respiratory illness in dogs, and encouraging people to take basic precautions to keep their pets healthy as veterinarians try to pin down what’s making the animals sick. Oregon, Colorado and New Hampshire are among the states that have seen cases of the illness, which has … Read more