Biden Says Israeli-American Hostage Has Been Released

[ad_1] PUEBLO, Colorado (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday Israeli-American hostage Liat Beinin had been released by Hamas after being abducted during the militant group’s attack on Israel on Oct. 7. Biden said Beinin had crossed the Gaza border and was safe in Egypt. Beinin was among 16 hostages released on Wednesday … Read more

Hezbollah Politician Hopes Truce Will Continue

[ad_1] BEIRUT (Reuters) – A senior Hezbollah politician said on Tuesday he hoped a truce would continue and his Iran-backed group had started paying compensation to people who had suffered losses during weeks of Israeli strikes in south Lebanon. Following the start of the Hamas-Israel war on Oct. 7, Hezbollah and Israel have engaged in … Read more

New Crypto Front Emerges in Israel’s Militant Financing Fight

[ad_1] By Tom Wilson and Elizabeth Howcroft LONDON (Reuters) – A new front has emerged in Israel’s fight against the funding of Iran-backed militant groups from Hamas to Hezbollah: A fast-growing crypto network called Tron that until recently attracted less scrutiny than Bitcoin. Quicker and cheaper than Bitcoin, the Tron network has overtaken its rival … Read more

Hamas Must Release Hostages by Midnight or Gaza Offensive Resumes, Israeli Media Quoting Security Source

[ad_1] JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli media on Saturday quoted an unnamed security source as saying that unless hostages are released by midnight, the military will resume its offensive in Gaza, after Hamas said it was delaying the swap deal. The comment was carried by Channel 13 news, N12 News, Ynet news website and others. (Reporting … Read more

Hamas Delays Second Hostage Release Until Israel Lets Aid Into Northern Gaza

[ad_1] (Reuters) -The armed wing of the Palestinian militant group Hamas said on Saturday that it had decided to delay the second round of hostage releases until Israel is committed to letting aid trucks enter northern Gaza. Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades added that the hostage releases would be delayed if Israel did not adhere to the … Read more

U.S. Embassy in Lebanon Hails ’12 Hours of Calm’ on Border With Israel

[ad_1] BEIRUT (Reuters) – The U.S. embassy in Lebanon on Friday said there had been 12 hours of calm along the Blue Line marking the border with Israel, where daily exchanges of fire had been taking place between armed group Hezbollah and Israel. “Twelve hours of calm on the Blue Line have given us all … Read more

Hundreds Gather in Istanbul to Mourn Two Turks Killed in Lebanon

[ad_1] ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Several hundred mourners gathered outside a mosque in Istanbul on Friday to lament the death of two Turkish men who militant Islamist group Hamas said were killed earlier this week in Israeli strikes on south Lebanon. A total of nine people were killed in the strikes on Tuesday, including two journalists, … Read more

Clashes on Border With Israel Uproot Thousands in Lebanon

[ad_1] BEIRUT (Reuters) – Rose Rostom, Nahida Mashouz and Ammar Hajeh have had their lives uprooted many times – by Palestinian militants, Syrian warplanes, Islamic State, Western-backed forces or the Israeli army. Between them, they have fled their homes 20 times, most recently following border clashes between Israeli forces and the Iran-backed Hezbollah group sparked … Read more

‘Very Close’ to Securing Release of Some Hostages Held by Hamas

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday said a deal is “very close” to free some of the more than 200 hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza. “My team is in the region shuttling between capitals. We’re now very close, very close, to bringing some of these hostages home very soon. … Read more

Iran Denies Involvement in Red Sea Ship Seizure by Yemen’s Houthis

[ad_1] DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran denied Israeli claims that it was involved in the seizure of a British-owned and Japanese-operated cargo ship in the southern Red Sea by Yemen’s Houthis, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said on Monday at a press conference. “We have said multiple times that resistance groups in the region act independently … Read more