Marketing Tips for Estate Lawyers | Explore Law Firms and Legal Advice

[ad_1] “The biggest challenge is that the entire world is a prospective client if you’re an estate planning lawyer,” says Sally Schmidt, president of Schmidt Marketing Inc. and one of the founders of the Legal Marketing Association. Although nearly everyone needs a will, few have them. According to one 2023 survey of more than 2,400 … Read more

What Is Litigation? | Explore Law Firms and Legal Advice

[ad_1] When a person or company has wronged you, the court system can provide an official forum for finding a resolution. Litigation is the term for the process of using the court system to resolve disputes. It is used across legal fields such as personal injury, real estate, civil rights and more. “Litigation is a … Read more

What Is Family Law? | Explore Law Firms and Legal Advice

[ad_1] When facing marital strife involving divorce or disputes over children, legal issues can quickly become complex. In these cases, it can be helpful to turn to a family lawyer who can help navigate the court system and represent your interests. Generally, “family law” refers to the laws that govern issues related to family relationships, … Read more

18 Tips to Successfully Interview at a Law Firm | Explore Law Firms and Legal Advice

[ad_1] For a successful law interview, lawyers may benefit from tips on how to best make the case for themselves – why they’d be right for this firm. Particularly, since the way they approach meetings in their practice of law can backfire in an interview. A job interview isn’t a deposition, after all. Here are … Read more