In Gaza, Call to Prayer Rings Out From Bombarded Mosque

[ad_1] By Fadi Shana and Mohammed Salem KHAN YOUNIS (Reuters) – Balanced on a steep slab of fissured concrete with rods of twisted metal poking out and the remnants of a dome slanted at a 45-degree angle behind him, a young muezzin in a baseball cap called Muslims to prayer from atop a bombarded mosque … Read more

Muslims in Europe Feel Vulnerable to Rising Hostility Over Israel-Gaza

[ad_1] By Layli Foroudi, Thomas Escritt, Andrew MacAskill and Sarah Marsh PARIS/BERLIN/LONDON (Reuters) – Jian Omar, a Berlin lawmaker of Kurdish-Syrian background, feels unprotected by police after suffering hate-filled flyers mixed with glass and faeces, a broken window and a hammer-wielding assailant since the deadly Oct. 7 Hamas attack in Israel. The three incidents at … Read more

6 Teenagers Go on Trial for Their Alleged Role in the 2020 Beheading of a French Teacher

[ad_1] PARIS (AP) — Six teenagers go on trial Monday in Paris for their alleged roles in the beheading of a teacher who showed caricatures of the prophet of Islam to his class, a killing that led authorities to reaffirm France’s cherished rights of expression and secularism. Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher, was … Read more

Dutch Politician Wilders Vows ‘I Will Be Prime Minister’ on X

[ad_1] AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Veteran Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders on Saturday vowed to be prime minister of the Netherlands eventually, following an election in which his party won the most seats. In a long post on X, formerly Twitter, that expressed frustration at other parties for their apparent unwillingness to cooperate with his Freedom … Read more

Dutch Parties Tackle Tricky Coalition Talks After Wilders’ Shock Poll Win

[ad_1] By Toby Sterling and Bart H. Meijer AMSTERDAM (Reuters) -Dutch party leaders met on Friday for the first time since anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders won Wednesday’s elections to begin the difficult and lengthy process of building a coalition. Beating all predictions, Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) won 37 seats out of 150, well ahead of … Read more

Muslims in Shock Over Anti-Islam Party’s Dutch Poll Win

[ad_1] THE HAGUE (Reuters) – Dutch Muslims expressed shock on Thursday at the election win of far-right populist Geert Wilders, who has previously called for mosques and the Koran to be banned in the Netherlands. Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) beat all predictions on Wednesday night by winning 37 seats out of 150 in … Read more

Analysis-Before Taking Power, Dutch Hard-Liner Wilders Will Have to Compromise

[ad_1] By Anthony Deutsch and Toby Sterling AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Geert Wilders, the far-right populist who won the Dutch election, will have to tone down ideas like banning the Koran, leaving the European Union and halting all foreign aid if he wants to succeed in forming – and leading – a coalition government. Wilders, a … Read more

Mediator Qatar Says Truce in Gaza to Start on Friday

[ad_1] DOHA (Reuters) -A truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will start on Friday at 7 a.m. (0500 GMT), with a the first batch of hostages to be released at 4 p.m., a spokesperson for Qatar’s foreign ministry said on Thursday. The truce would include a comprehensive ceasefire in both the north and south … Read more

Jewish Groups Criticize Pope on ‘Terrorism’ Remark, Seek Clarification

[ad_1] VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Jewish groups have criticised Pope Francis and demanded clarifications over his comments that they saw as accusing both Hamas and Israel of “terrorism”. Francis made the comments on Wednesday after meeting separately with Jewish relatives of hostages held by Hamas and with Palestinians with family in Gaza. Later that day … Read more

Dutch Election Winner Geert Wilders Is an Anti-Islam Firebrand Known as the Dutch Donald Trump

[ad_1] THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — He’s been called the Dutch Donald Trump. He’s been threatened with death countless times by Islamic extremists, convicted of insulting Moroccans, and Britain once banned him from entering the country. Now Geert Wilders has won a massive victory in a Dutch election and is in pole position to form … Read more