Kremlin, on Reported Polish Plan to Send Troops to Finnish Border, Says It Will Stoke Tensions

[ad_1] MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin, commenting on media reports that Poland plans to send troops to Finland’s border with Russia, said on Wednesday that such a move could stoke tensions and that Russia would see it as a threat. The head of Poland’s National Security Bureau was reported to have said this week that … Read more

Explainer-What Turkey Gained in Delaying Sweden’s NATO Bid

[ad_1] ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey has told Sweden it expects to ratify its accession to the NATO military alliance within weeks, Sweden’s foreign minister said on Wednesday, offering a potential timeframe for expanding the Western bloc after 18 months of delays. The delays, including a Turkish parliament commission putting off a vote on the issue … Read more

Turkey Expects to Ratify Sweden Accession to NATO ‘Within Weeks’, Swedish Minister Says

[ad_1] BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Turkey has said it expects to ratify Sweden’s long-delayed accession to NATO within weeks, Sweden’s foreign minister told journalists on Wednesday. Both Sweden and Finland asked to join NATO last year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But Tayyip Erdogan, president of NATO member Turkey, raised objections over what he said was … Read more

Finland Expects More Asylum Seekers to Arrive From Russia, PM Says

[ad_1] HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finland’s prime minister on Monday said his country expects more asylum seekers to arrive at its border via Russia and plans to take further measures to stem the flow after closing all but one entry point in recent weeks. “Intelligence information from different sources tells us that there still are people … Read more

Finland Has Closed All Passenger Border Crossings With Russia but One

[ad_1] HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finland has temporarily closed all but one of its eight passenger crossings to Russia in response to an unusually high inflow of migrants for which it the Nordic country accuses Moscow. More than 700 migrants from nations such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria, have in the past … Read more

EU to Deploy More Staff on Finnish-Russian Border Amid Asylum Crisis

[ad_1] STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex said on Thursday it will send more officers and other staff to Finland next week as the Nordic nation seeks to limit the number of asylum seekers coming via Russia. Helsinki has accused Moscow of funnelling migrants to the border from nations such as … Read more

Russia Completes Repair of Baltic Sea Telecoms Cable, Finland Says

[ad_1] COPENHAGEN (Reuters) -Finland’s coast guard said on Thursday that Russia has completed repairs of a Russian Baltic Sea telecoms cable that was damaged six weeks ago around the same time that a gas pipeline and other communications cables were broken. Finnish and Estonian investigators have said they suspect a Chinese container vessel, the NewNew … Read more

Explainer-What Turkey Gained in Delaying Sweden’s NATO Bid

[ad_1] ANKARA (Reuters) – A Turkish parliament commission is set to debate and likely approve Sweden’s NATO membership bid on Thursday, in the latest step toward expanding the Western bloc after 18 months of delays that frustrated some allies and extracted some concessions. In May of last year, President Tayyip Erdogan raised objections to both … Read more