Britain to Send Seven Royal Navy Ships to Patrol Areas With Undersea Cables

[ad_1] LONDON (Reuters) – Britain said on Thursday it will send seven Royal Navy ships and a maritime patrol aircraft to take part in Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) patrols of areas with vulnerable undersea infrastructure next month. Europe and NATO have become increasingly concerned about the vulnerability of critical infrastructure around and under the Baltic … Read more

OSCE Meeting Causes Rift Over Whether to Share Stage With Russia’s Lavrov

[ad_1] By Andrew Gray, Francois Murphy and Ingrid Melander BRUSSELS/VIENNA (Reuters) – The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s annual foreign ministers’ meeting on Thursday has split member states, with Baltic nations and Ukraine refusing to attend over the presence of Russia’s Sergei Lavrov and urging others to as well. The OSCE is the … Read more

Finland Expects More Asylum Seekers to Arrive From Russia, PM Says

[ad_1] HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finland’s prime minister on Monday said his country expects more asylum seekers to arrive at its border via Russia and plans to take further measures to stem the flow after closing all but one entry point in recent weeks. “Intelligence information from different sources tells us that there still are people … Read more

Almost 400,000 Deaths in Europe in 2021 Attributable to Filthy Air -EU Report

[ad_1] BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Almost 400,000 deaths in Europe in 2021 were related to three main air pollutants and some could have been avoided if pollutants had been reduced to World Health Organisation-recommended levels, an EU report said on Friday. The European Environment Agency (EEA) said that within the European Union, pollution caused by fine … Read more

Ukraine Welcomes Western Allies’ Air Defence Coalition

[ad_1] (Reuters) – President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his defence minister welcomed the formation by Ukraine’s Western allies on Thursday of a 20-nation “coalition” to boost air defences, seen as a key element in the country’s campaign against Russian forces. Zelenskiy said the group, one of several devoted to specific areas of Ukraine’s defence, was formed … Read more

Russia Completes Repair of Baltic Sea Telecoms Cable, Finland Says

[ad_1] COPENHAGEN (Reuters) -Finland’s coast guard said on Thursday that Russia has completed repairs of a Russian Baltic Sea telecoms cable that was damaged six weeks ago around the same time that a gas pipeline and other communications cables were broken. Finnish and Estonian investigators have said they suspect a Chinese container vessel, the NewNew … Read more