Are Private Student Loans Worth It? How to Decide | Student Loans and Advice

[ad_1] Paying for college can seem like an insurmountable feat for students and their families amid the rising cost of a university education – especially for those who can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket after maxing out federal student loans, grants and scholarships. When federal aid comes up short, private student loans can be one way … Read more

How to Get a Small Personal Loan | Personal Loans and Advice

[ad_1] Small personal loans can provide the funding you need to pay for incidentals like car repairs, medical bills, replacement appliances and other unexpected expenses. You may also use a personal loan to pay off a small amount of credit card debt at a lower fixed interest rate. However, many lenders have minimum borrowing amounts … Read more

What Is a Good DTI for a Mortgage? | Mortgages and Advice

[ad_1] If you plan to buy a home or car – or make any purchase that requires a loan – it is essential to have a good debt-to-income ratio. Your DTI reveals how much of your income goes toward debt payments each month, and this ratio gives lenders a snapshot of your financial condition and … Read more