Japan Expresses Concern About US Osprey Aircraft Continuing to Fly Without Details of Fatal Crash

[ad_1] TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s top government spokesperson expressed concern on Friday that the U.S. military is continuing to fly Osprey aircraft in the country without providing adequate information about a fatal crash this week in southwestern Japan despite repeated requests that it do so. One crew member was killed and seven others are missing, … Read more

Philippines Opens a Coast Guard Surveillance Base in the South China Sea to Watch Chinese Vessels

[ad_1] THITU ISLAND, South China Sea (AP) — The Philippine coast guard inaugurated a new monitoring base Friday on a remote island occupied by Filipino forces in the disputed South China Sea as Manila ramps up efforts to counter China’s increasingly aggressive actions in the strategic waterway. Confrontations between Chinese and Philippine ships have intensified … Read more

Asian Shares Slip After Wall Street Ends Its Best Month of ’23 With Big Gains

[ad_1] HONG KONG (AP) — Asian shares declined on Friday even after Wall Street closed out its best month of the year with big gains in November. U.S. futures rose while oil prices continued to drop despite the latest extension of OPEC’s production cuts. Even with continued cuts to output, other producers such as the … Read more

Nearly 2 Months Into the War, Many Israelis Have No Idea if Their Relatives Are Dead or Alive

[ad_1] JERUSALEM (AP) — There was no trace of Hanan Yablonka — not on the 42-year-old Israeli’s social media accounts nor on his phone, found in the bullet-riddled car he and three friends tried to flee in after Hamas militants attacked the music festival they were attending in southern Israel. The friends were killed in … Read more

Why Hold UN Climate Talks 28 Times? Do They Even Matter?

[ad_1] DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Ask most people what the annual U.N. climate talks are and the likely answer will be: “Huh?” Ask those who do know and the answer may be: “Why should I care?” The negotiations, called Conference of Parties, are nearly two weeks long and in their 28th iteration in … Read more

Live Updates | Temporary Cease-Fire Expires; Israel-Hamas War Resumes

[ad_1] A temporary cease-fire deal that lasted seven days has expired without word from mediator Qatar on an extension. Israel’s military said Friday morning that it has resumed combat. A total of 83 Israelis, including dual nationals, were freed during the truce, most of whom appear physically well but shaken. Another 24 hostages — 23 … Read more

Rep. George Santos Is Facing a Vote on His Expulsion From Congress as Lawmakers Weigh Accusations

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. George Santos of New York is facing a critical vote to expel him from the House on Friday as lawmakers weigh whether his actions, fabrications and alleged lawbreaking warrant the chamber’s most severe punishment. The first-term Republican congressman is at grave risk of becoming just the sixth member of the … Read more

Israel Strikes Gaza After Truce Expires, in Clear Sign That War Has Resumed in Full Force

[ad_1] DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli fighter jets hit Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday shortly after a weeklong truce expired, the military said, as the war resumed in full force. Airstrikes hit southern Gaza, including the community of Abassan east of the town of Khan Younis, the Interior Ministry in … Read more

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Says the War With Russia Is in a New Phase as Winter Looms

[ad_1] KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says the war with Russia is in a new stage, with winter expected to complicate fighting after a summer counteroffensive that failed to produce desired results due to enduring shortages of weapons and ground forces. Despite setbacks, however, he said Ukraine won’t give up. “We have … Read more

Detainees in El Salvador’s Gang Crackdown Cite Abuse During Months in Jail

[ad_1] MEXICO CITY (AP) — The day he was arrested, Luis was in a government office trying to get a document attesting to his clean criminal history so he could apply for a call center job. “What I wanted at that time was something better for my life,” said the 23-year-old, who was working as … Read more