Afterpay Review | U.S. News

[ad_1] How Does Afterpay Work?  Afterpay is an easy-to-use buy now, pay later service. Several retailers have a built-in Afterpay payment option in their checkout – both online and in stores – where you can simply select the Pay in 4 repayment. Alternatively, you can add the Afterpay Plus Card to your digital wallet from … Read more

Affirm Review | U.S. News

[ad_1] How Does Affirm Work? Affirm is available at checkout with more than 245,000 merchant partners. If not directly available, the amount of your approved loan can be loaded onto a one-time use virtual Visa card. This card can be used either online or in-store. It expires 24 hours after it’s issued, though you can … Read more

How to Avoid Foreclosure | Mortgages and Advice

[ad_1] A recent job loss or unexpected medical bill can cause you to fall behind on your mortgage payments. If you fall too far behind, your lender may start foreclosure proceedings, meaning you could lose your home. Going through foreclosure is stressful and can negatively impact your credit score for up to seven years. Fortunately, … Read more

Compare Today’s Refinance Rates | U.S. News

[ad_1] National Average Mortgage Rates Rates data is based on a borrower with good credit, a conforming loan amount (at least $200,000 but less than the national conforming loan amount), and a loan-to-value ratio of less than 80% (For purchase loans, this corresponds to a down payment of 20% or more). © Zillow, Inc., 2006-2016. … Read more

Should You Get a Divorce Loan? | Personal Loans and Advice

[ad_1] Divorce can be emotionally and financially traumatic, potentially generating debt as you and your spouse split income and assets. Taking out a loan to tackle some of that debt might seem like adding gasoline to the fire, especially if your income will be dramatically slashed once the divorce is final. But depending on your … Read more

What Is an Unsecured Loan? | Personal Loans and Advice

[ad_1] Taking out an unsecured loan may be a good option when you need to borrow money. Unsecured loans are loans and credit cards that aren’t backed by an asset, or collateral. Qualification requirements may be strict, and the loan may come with higher interest rates than secured loans. But unsecured loans offer convenience and … Read more

7 Loan Apps That Let You Borrow Money Fast | Personal Loans and Advice

[ad_1] If you ever find yourself in a financial bind and need instant access to cash to cover an unexpected expense, there’s an app for that. Whether you call them loan apps, borrow-money apps, cash advance apps or payday advance apps, these online lenders can provide financial lifelines to people in a penny pinch. They’re … Read more

What Documents are Required For Getting a Personal Loan? | Personal Loans and Advice

[ad_1] When you apply for a personal loan, your application is approved based on whether you meet requirements including a solid credit score, favorable debt-to-income ratio and more. In order to prove you qualify, many lenders require that applicants submit supporting documentation alongside their application. Make sure you are ready to provide these documents, which … Read more

How to Get a $20,000 Personal Loan | Personal Loans and Advice

[ad_1] If you need to borrow a sizable amount of money – such as $20,000 or more – a personal loan may be your best option. Personal loans allow you to borrow money for just about any purpose, and perhaps borrow more than you could with a credit card. Plus, the interest rates are fixed, … Read more