Detainees in El Salvador’s Gang Crackdown Cite Abuse During Months in Jail

[ad_1] MEXICO CITY (AP) — The day he was arrested, Luis was in a government office trying to get a document attesting to his clean criminal history so he could apply for a call center job. “What I wanted at that time was something better for my life,” said the 23-year-old, who was working as … Read more

Publishing Industry Heavy-Hitters Sue Iowa Over State’s New School Book-Banning Law

[ad_1] The nation’s largest publisher and several bestselling authors, including novelists John Green and Jodi Picoult, are part of a lawsuit filed Thursday challenging Iowa’s new law that bans public school libraries and classrooms from having practically any book that depicts sexual activity. The lawsuit is the second in the past week to challenge the … Read more

Censored Art From Around the World Finds a Second Opportunity at a Barcelona Museum for Banned Works

[ad_1] BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — A drawing of a nude Donald Trump. A punching bag sculpture shaped like a woman’s torso. A display of women’s party shoes standing proudly on prayer rugs. All are pieces of contemporary art that have provoked debate and, sometimes, violent reactions. These pieces and dozens more that were subjected to … Read more