US Prosecutors Say Plots to Assassinate Sikh Leaders Were Part of a Campaign of Planned Killings

[ad_1] NEW YORK (AP) — A foiled plot to assassinate a prominent Sikh separatist leader in New York, just days after another activist’s killing, was meant to precede a string of other politically motivated murders in the United States and Canada, according to U.S. prosecutors. In electronic communications and audio and video calls secretly recorded … Read more

A Hong Kong Court Hears Final Arguments in Subversion Trial of Pro-Democracy Activists

[ad_1] HONG KONG (AP) — A Hong Kong court started hearing the final arguments Wednesday of some of the city’s best-known pro-democracy activists tried under a law imposed by China’s ruling Communist Party to crush dissent. The activists’ subversion trial is the biggest prosecution yet under such law. They may face up to life in … Read more

Climate Contradictions Key at UN Talks. Less Future Warming Projected, Yet There’s More Current Pain

[ad_1] The world is heading for considerably less warming than projected a decade ago, but that good news is overwhelmed by much more pain from current climate change than scientists anticipated, experts said. That’s just one of a set of seemingly contradictory conditions facing climate negotiators who this week gather in Dubai for marathon United … Read more

Many Voters Are Weary About a Biden-Trump Rematch in 2024. Third Parties Hope They Can Fill the Gap

[ad_1] Those looking to blaze a new path to the White House range from members of Congress to a prominent academic and a scion of one of the county’s most prominent political families. Their odds are exceedingly long. George Washington was the only person to win the presidency without a party affiliation. An incumbent hasn’t … Read more

Activists Call on France to Endorse a Consent-Based Rape Definition Across the Entire European Union

[ad_1] PARIS (AP) — Activists wearing masks depicting President Emmanuel Macron urged France on Thursday to change its position and endorse a law proposed by the European Union that would define rape as sex without consent in the bloc’s 27 countries. The demonstrators gathered in downtown Paris on the eve of International Day for the … Read more

Climate Change Hits Women’s Health Harder. Activists Want Leaders to Address It at COP28

[ad_1] NEW DELHI (AP) — Manju Devi suffered in pain for two months last year as she worked on a farm near Delhi, unable to break away from duties that sometimes had her standing for hours in the waist-deep water of a rice paddy, lifting heavy loads in intense heat and spraying pesticides and insecticides. … Read more

French Holocaust Survivors Are Recoiling at New Antisemitism, and Activists Are Pleading for Peace

[ad_1] PARIS (AP) — Survivors of Nazi atrocities joined young Jewish activists outside the Paris Holocaust memorial Saturday to sound the alarm about resurgent antisemitic hate speech, graffiti and abuse linked to the Israel-Hamas war. The impact of the conflict is drawing increasing concern in France and beyond. Thousands of pro-Palestinian and left-wing activists rallied … Read more