Super-subs will make an appearance at ILT20 2024


The second season of the ILT20 will feature a Super-sub, whose role will mirror that of the Impact Player, used in the IPL in 2023. In the updated playing conditions shared with the six franchises ahead of the second edition, to be played across the UAE from January 13, the league management explained that the Super-sub must be named immediately after the toss from a set of seven names that teams will need to submit along with the playing XI.

Just like in the case of an Impact Player, the replaced player cannot take any further part in the match.

While not mandatory, teams can introduce the Super-sub at any point after the first over the match, or even at the start of the second innings.

The one key condition set by the ILT20, though, is that a minimum of two UAE players must be part of the playing XI at all times.

In its inaugural edition earlier this year, the ILT20 allowed a maximum of nine overseas players in a playing XI along with a minimum of two UAE players. So, if the Super-sub is a UAE player, he can replace a fellow local or an overseas player.

In the updated playing conditions, teams will need to submit squads of 18, which will include at least four UAE players along with two Associate overseas players, on the eve of the match.

The batting team can bring out a Super-sub at the completion of an over, at the fall of a wicket, or in case a batter retires (injured or voluntarily). In case a Super-sub replaces a retired batter, it will be logged as a wicket. The bowling team can also get the Super-sub at the fall of a wicket, but the player will not be allowed to complete an unfinished over. A Super-sub, though, can bowl his full quota of overs regardless of the number of overs delivered by the player replaced.

In-match penalty for slow-over rate

Just as the ICC and other major T20 leagues have introduced in-match fielding penalties, the ILT20 has also updated the rules to penalise slow-over rate offences. In case the bowling team is an over behind the cut-off time, then only four fielders will be permitted outside the 30-yard circle; for two overs behind, only three fielders can stand outside the 30-yard circle; for three overs behind, a financial penalty of 5% of match fee per over will be applicable in addition to allowing three fielders in the outfield.
The ILT20 received a major boost recently when it became the first franchise T20 league run by an Associate country to be given List A T20 status by the ICC, from the second season itself. Consequently, the tournament statistics will be recorded officially as T20 records.


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