Rohit Sharma: WATCH: ‘Simply remarkable…’: Sachin Tendulkar and Hardik Pandya doff their hats to Rohit Sharma | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: Rohit Sharma has become the first player to feature in 200 matches for Mumbai Indians, solidifying his status as one of the franchise’s most iconic figures in a historic moment for the Indian Premier League.
The milestone was celebrated by cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar, who reminisced about his role in bringing Rohit to Mumbai Indians, stating, “Long time ago, I was having a discussion with Mrs Ambani that we have to bring Rohit to Mumbai Indians.”
Tendulkar hailed Rohit’s achievements, calling them “simply remarkable.”Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya also expressed his admiration for Rohit, saying, “You’ve been one of the pillars of this franchise who has achieved so much under your belt.Ro, you’re known for your double centuries, I’m sure this will also be special.”

Rohit’s 200th appearance for Mumbai Indians marks his 245th IPL match overall, a testament to his enduring presence and impact in the tournament. With over 5000 runs to his name, Rohit stands as the all-time leading run-scorer for Mumbai Indians in the IPL, showcasing remarkable consistency and loyalty since joining the team in 2011.
His leadership has been instrumental in Mumbai Indians’ success, with Rohit featuring in 111 victories for the franchise, the most by any player. He has also captained the team to victory on 87 occasions, setting a new benchmark for leadership excellence.

Rohit’s ability to deliver under pressure is evident in his tally of 35 scores of 50 or more for Mumbai Indians, a record unmatched by any other player in the franchise’s history.
Additionally, his outstanding performances have earned him 16 Player of the Match awards, cementing his status as a talismanic figure for Mumbai Indians.
With Rohit Sharma continuing to script new chapters in his illustrious IPL career, his legacy as one of the greatest players in the tournament’s history remains unparalleled.


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