AUS vs PAK, Pakistan in Australia 2023/24, 2nd Test at Melbourne, December 26 – 30, 2023


15.4 to Imam-ul-Haq, Lyon produces first bit of magic in the second Test! He provides the breakthrough Australia were looking for. Imam-ul-Haq edges one to Marnus Labuschagne and Lyon is absolutely pumped up. Came round the wicket, tossed up fuller and it spun away little, he leans forward and had to play at it, got an outside edge and fielder took a very sharp low catch. Imam succumbs to the pressure. 34/1

41.5 to Shan Masood, oh no, he’s carved it to point! Huge moment, awful for Pakistan. Tried to go over the top again, slices across it aiming towards mid-on, it takes a thick outside edge high into the off side, Marsh settles under it at point. Was looking straight into the sun. 147/4

69.2 to Shaheen Shah Afridi, Gets caught on the crease and is rapped on the pads; Lyon and co appeal in unison and successfully convince the umpire to raise the dreaded finger. Shaheen has reviewed it but I think it’s pretty adjacent and Lyon has got plenty of things working in his favour. Well, there is no deflection on the snicko and no spot on the hotspot. Pitching outside off, impact in line and it’s umpire’s call, hitting the top of leg stump and Shaheen looks very despondent, slowly taking the long walk back into the pavilion. It was a gritty knock but Lyon is a master of his craft and uses his cunning spinning methods to befuddle Pakistan’s vice captain. Important breakthrough for Australia. 240/8

73.5 to Mir Hamza, Throws the kitchen sink at it and lost his balance, swings for the grandstands but misses it completely, flummoxed by the prodigious turn outside off, his foot wasn’t behind the line and Carey did well to whip off the bails quickly and that’ll be the end of the innings. Maybe he should have gone with defensive tactics and brought Jamal on strike who was hitting the ball so well. 264/10


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