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NEW DELHI: Officials on Friday reported that chief minister Arvind Kejriwal convened a meeting with rat-hole mining experts from Delhi who played a crucial role in the operation to rescue the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand.


During the meeting, water minister Atishi and Urban development minister Saurabh Bharadwaj were also present.

After a section of the tunnel in Uttarakhand collapsed, trapping the workers inside, a 17-day multi-agency operation successfully rescued them on Tuesday.

The drilling task was assigned to a 12-member team of rat-hole mining experts after an American auger machine encountered obstacles while attempting to clear the rubble.

Officials have indicated that some members of the rat-hole mining experts’ team are actively engaged in the installation of sewer lines and pipelines for the Delhi Jal Board.

“Kejriwal met the miners from Delhi. During the meeting, Water minister Atishi and Urban development minister Saurabh Bharadwaj were also present. The miners returned from Uttarakhand on Thursday,” PTI quoted the official as adding.

Rat-hole mining is a method that entails the excavation of narrow tunnels, typically 3-4 feet in height, allowing workers to enter and extract coal.

Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: This is how rat-hole miners helped in rescue of 41 workers stranded in Silkyara tunnel

These horizontal tunnels are commonly referred to as “rat holes,” as they are just large enough to accommodate one person at a time.

Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: Rat-hole miners begin manual drilling under army supervision

For the Silkyara tunnel rescue operation, Trenchless Engineering Services Pvt Ltd and Navayuga Engineers Pvt Ltd enlisted the expertise of a 12-member team to employ the rat-hole mining technique horizontally in the section of the main structure that had collapsed.
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